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  • Lets make one thing clear. NO other wood compares to Teak when it comes to elegance, durability and low maintenance. You might have seen furniture made of a variety of different wood sorts described as ?Family of Teak, Teak-like, as good as teak or even better than - Teak?. Let?s nail it: IT JUST DOESN?T GET BETTER THAN TEAK. Mature Teak or A-Grade Teak is timber from trees that have grown for at least 45 years. In order for teak to obtain a very high concentrate of oil, the tree has to grow for at least 45 years before harvested. In that period of time, the oil will spread too all parts of the wood, bonding the wood, making sure that nothing penetrates into the wood. Oil content is why Teak is mostly quoted for it?s durability. However, teak is also extremely dense (40lbs. Pr. Cu. Ft. when dry) which, combined with oil, makes it very resistant to rot caused by fungal decay but also acts as a natural insect repellent giving the teaks very high resistance towards termites and other insects. If left in the sun, the Teak will turn to a graceful silver appearance which looks stunning. However, you can at any time bring it back to natural by using a Teak-cleanser or by power washing it. If you choose to power wash, please use less than 2000psi. Further, you also have the option of ?white-washing? it. Once it has turned to the silver appearance, simply mix a bucket of bleach and water 50/50 and spray it on the furniture. After 30 min., just hose it off and you will have a sparkling silver/ white-washed look. If you do not care for the aged look, you can opt to seal the Teak. However, this requires periodic application approximately every two years, if using Royal Teak Collections specially developed Teak sealer. This will give the teak the look known from boat decks and railings. Sealer can be wiped on with a cloth, brushed on, or even sprayed on (with an empty Windex-bottle) and left to dry without wiping.

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